I’m an Author!

I’m an Author!

from Redemptive Healing Ministries https://ift.tt/2KGbNyS
Well.. Im an AUTHOR! I can’t believe this dream of mine has come true!!! God has had me on an incredible journey to get here.. God is so good and so faithful! Only he could have accomplished this!! Thank you to my wonderful hubby Chris for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself and Carl Willis for publishing for me! I’m a little nervous to share my story with the world but I know God has called me to “such a time as this”! I’m living proof of what a Living God can do to heal broken lives! I hope others are helped by the biblical principles He introduced me to, to find the freedom he has given me! If anyone would like to read it you can find me on Amazon or Kindle and I will have physical books in a couple or weeks

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