8 Beatitudes of Jesus

8 Beatitudes of Jesus

Greetings my Friends! I am happy to finally be finishing up the 8 Beatitudes of Jesus. Such beautiful lessons from God Himself!
“Blessed are the Peace Makers for they shall be called the Sons of God” Matt 5:9. These words, from God, point out the importance of being in right standing with others. We are to be servants of God and our fellow man. If we are full of negative, feelings towards others people, even those that have harmed us, its very difficult to have servants hearts. Matt 5:24 says, “…. Go and be reconciled with your brother then bring your gift to God” We need to ask God, on our knees, to remove poisons from our lives that effect our relationships. An action I take to help me see my part, my behavior, my negative thinking and my selfishness in a relationship is to write, what I like to call, “Mercy Letters”. These letters can help bring restoration to broken relationships with others and ourselves. (I will give clear instructions on how to write these letters in upcoming posts) God wants us to allow Him to clean out the junk in our hearts and our relationships. Making restoration with people doesn’t involve inviting a toxic person back into our life, it simply means we make things right in the eyes of God. God wants us to be kind, humble and loving. Taking action to allow God to work in our hearts brings growth and change that can ONLY be done by HIM!
“Blessed are they that are persecuted for the sake of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven” Matt 5:10. God commands that we stand up for what is right. He expects us to have hearts that reflect Jesus and His character. THAT IS WHERE FREEDOM lies!! Having attitudes of forgiveness and taking responsibility for our behavior WITHOUT blaming others, brings freedom and healing. We must learn to turn EVERYTHING over to Gods care to have healthy attitudes. HE IS FAUTHFUL to meet all of our needs! Stay living in TODAY. This alleviates FEAR! God tells us that yesterday is gone and we have no promise of tomorrow. TODAY is enough for us!
Cant wait to share more of the healing action God has taught me!
Blessings to all!

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    1. Thank you for reaching out with you kind words! I strongly agree that small changes in our lives, on a daily basic, make huge, long, term change.

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