Beatitudes of Jesus, set 2

Beatitudes of Jesus, set 2

Happy Day my Friends!
Let’s continue our look at the Beatitudes of Jesus!

Blessed are they who hunger after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied! When we seek Gods restoration with EVERYTHING we are and have, every corner of our minds, attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, people we love, fears, insecurities and the dark hidden parts of ourselves, (the parts we don’t want discovered) we can begin a journey to wholeness! When we learn to fully TRUST God to take care of EVERY single aspect of our life, we can be relaxed and satisfied with Jesus! We don’t have to be fearful or control everything and everyone! We can walk in peace and freedom! (Pray for God to show you hidden junk that needs purging, listen, write, ask for forgiveness, where needed and share with another what God has revealed)

Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy! We need to ask God to give us a spirit of mercy towards ALL!!
We MUST come to a place of forgiveness! Offering mercy and forgiveness towards those that have hurt us releases us from the BONDAGE of bitterness and resentments. Ask God to make clear who you have not shown these towards. God can use this action to set us FREE! (We also need to ask God to reveal who we need to seek forgiveness FROM) (I will dive into forgiveness seeking soon!)

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God! How amazing is that!!!! When we allow God to change our hearts we grow closer to HIM! peace, joy, serenity, freedom etc., are by products of clearing out the pain of our pasts! Pride, fear, self-centeredness, resentments and the like, keep us separated from a close, mutual relationship with our Heavenly Father! Joy is having an intimate relationship with Jesus! Take action and ask God to show you what needs to be cleared out of your life and ask Him to remove it! We want HIM to make us pure in heart!!!

More to come! Blessings!!!

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